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      Company profile

      Founded in 2009, Basil Headhunting is a headhunting company dedicated to the construction industry, providing high-end technical positions for architectural design, planning and design, landscape design, survey and design, and large construction companies. After nearly a decade of development, Basil has a team of highly qualified consultants, more than half of whom are engaged in the headhunting service in the construction industry for not less than five years. More than 1,000 companies have served, forming a business system centering on the two major economic circles of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta.


      Successful case


      Our Advantages
      • Focus
        Focusing on the sub-sectors, we have been cultivating in the field of construction for 10 years, bringing together the r
      • profession
        Recruiting well-known experts in the construction industry as our technical consultants to help us make the diagnosis of
      • Efficient
        The innovative customer partner model allows builders to serve the construction industry and form a strong search networ
    1. Compared to traditional headhunting, online headhunting has appeared. Network headhunting refers to the use of network technology to open up the "platform + tools + consultants" service model, allowing employers and senior talents to directly "face-to-face" service mechanism, is a segment of the headhunting industry.Compared wit
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      Contact us

      40.png  Company Name: Beijing Basil Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

      a.png  Contact: Dong Shaoke Senior Consultant

      412.png  Contact number: 17611767936 (WeChat synchronization)

      b.png  E-mail: 309789562@qq.com

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      Copyright ? http://www.ncxlw.com/en/ Beijing Basil Enterprise Management Consulting Co.
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